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A project with singularities of common interest

Socioeconomics strengths

  • Employment generation in areas of demographic challenge and just transition, categorized as highly affected regions by mining activities abandonment, which have a very high rate of unemployment and depopulation.
  • Outplacement of surplus mining personnel during construction.
  • Relocation of surplus personnel from Thermal Power Plants and closed mines during operation and maintenance.
  • Creation of wealth in areas affected by mining reconversion and induced activities.
  • Integration of Renewable Energies.
  • Large-scale energy storage contributing to safety and efficiency.
  • Avoid negative impacts from wastewater discharges that are the subsidiary responsibility of the Administration.

Environmental strengths

  • Recovery and rehabilitation of land affected by traditional coal mining.
  • Purification and control of contaminated water discharges from abandoned mines.
  • Unnecessary to build catchment elements in the river (weir).
  • No interruption of the passage of fish species.
  • No water is diverted from the river, leaving it for other uses.
  • No consumptive use of the public hydraulic domain (P.D.H.D.) is needed, because of a closed cycle is used.
  • Unnecessary to build a dam on the river to regulate the water.
  • Polluted water from the mines is purified, preventing it from being discharged into the public watercourse.
  • The P-PHES Navaleo owns a patent for the treatment of wastewater.

The Purifying – Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage Navaleo (P-PHES Navaleo) has been included in the List of PROJECTS OF COMMON INTEREST (PCI) by the Commission of the European Parliament, in accordance with Regulation 347/2013.