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A great social and environmental project starts


P-PHES NAVALEO is a Purifying – Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage, with no water supply, and therefore pumps the same volume of water that it is been turbined.

For the operation envisaged for reversible hydraulic power plants, the water is pumped during off-peak hours, when consumption is at its lowest or when there is a surplus of renewable energy, pumping from the lower tank to the upper tank. Subsequently, to reach the needs of the electricity system or when consumption cannot be covered by renewable generation, the volume of water stored in the upper tank is turbined to the lower tank, thus generating energy. It is regulated on a daily basis, equalizing the volumes in both directions over this period of time.

The plant will participate in an active manner in the purchase and sale of energy in the daily and adjustment services markets, and is especially prepared to provide primary and secondary regulation to the system, due to the flexibility of this technology in responding to demand.

P-PHES NAVALEO also incorporates a very important social and environmental component, as it process waste water leakage from abandoned mines and restores land degraded previously by mining activities.

The facilities designed at P-PHES NAVALEO are ideal for treating Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) water, as the pollutant removal processes take place at the P-PHES. The process of treating contaminated water in combination with a reversible pumping installation as large-scale energy storage has been patented by the project promoters.


Click here to download the location of CDR Navaleo in KMZ format

CDR Navaleo location

The start of an European project of energy interest

P-PHES Navaleo represents, among others, singularities and benefits from energy and environmental point of view. It allows the introduction of more renewable energies into the electricity system, contributing to its proper management. In addition, P-PHES Navaleo provides the benefits associated with the purification of contaminated water and the recovery of degraded areas. Due to all of the above, the P-PHES Navaleo project is participating in the ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) call within the TYNDP 2016 (The Ten-Year Network Development Plan), which brings together different projects of European interest in electricity storage.

This project has been recognized as being of high interest due to the future opportunities it provides for traditional mining regions, currently included as territories in energy and just transition.

Its commissioning date is expected to be December 2026.

Site plan CDR Navaleo

Site plan